About Us

The less we talk, the more we act. After all, that’s what Brevity stands for.

At the beginning, we were just two guys in their twenties with two shabby laptops chasing their dreams. Single-mindedly, step by step, we made the effort to realize our plans. It has taken plenty of energy and sacrifice thanks to which we now work with world-renowned prime brokers, technology providers and asset managers. We do not face competition, per se, but we challenge ourselves to become better as time goes on. We enjoy embarking on adventures that others do not seem to dare.

Over the years, we have put our fingers in many pies in fields such as wine production, logistics, textile manufacturing, capital lending, accomodation and residential real estate.

We invest when others are fearful, and we are fearful when others invest.

We are hedonists, driven by inspiring impulses and the absence of stereotypes. Our job description includes enjoying life. However, as people who started from scratch, we know the true value of money, so we approach investing responsibly and rationally. Brevia is built on the pillars of courage, spontaneousness, and passion. With each investment we make, there must be some kind of emotional connection which we let fully evolve.

Radim and Tomáš
Managing Partners